Destiny Quinones

President and CEO
Destiny holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work obtained from the University of Central Florida. Upon graduation, she became a Hospital Discharge Planner at a level one trauma center in the Orlando area. Becoming an Admissions Director at a skilled nursing facility was next in her health care career. With over 14 years of experience in the hospital, skilled nursing and managed care world she truly understands managed care insurance and how it impacts the long-term care profession.

Marjorie Perez, RN, BSN

Managed Care Liaison – North Central Florida Region
Marjorie Has been in the Skilled Nursing field for 20 years, having spent the previous years working in Tampa Bay area hospitals. Her past experience includes case management and Contracting for Travelers (United Health Care, Health Insurance Plan of NY and Anthem. She also served as a Regional Case manager and contractor for National Health Care in Florida. Marjorie covers the Ocala/ Jacksonville markets.

Eric Sullivan

Managed Care Liaison – North Florida and Georgia Regions
Eric is a former Nursing Home Administrator with 9 years of long-term care industry experience. This experience has ranged from facility-level operations management, to corporate compliance and operations consulting services, to information technology services. Eric holds a B.S. Degree in Economics from Auburn University. He covers the North Florida (Gainesville/Jacksonville) region.

Nanette Johnson-Smith

Managed Care Liaison – Central Florida (West) Region and Home Health
Nanette is a graduate of Stetson University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and also holds a Bachelors in Long Term Care Administration from the University of South Florida. Prior to joining MCCFL, Nanette was a nursing home administrator and also worked as an account manager in the technology sector. She uses her experience and knowledge to assist clients with systems and processes to financially maximize their managed care contracts. Nanette works with skilled nursing facilities in the Greater Tampa Bay market and leads the Home Health division.

Kristin Cull

Managed Care Liaison – Florida Panhandle and Mississippi Regions
Kristin has worked in health care and skilled nursing for almost 18 years.  Her experience includes contracting, case management, admissions, and business development.  She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science, Master’s Degree in Health and Human Service, along with certifications in epidemiology and communicable disease. Prior to joining MCCFL, Kristin was Vice-President of Sales and Marketing for a Post-Acute Health Care System in Texas.  Her responsibilities will be for the Panhandle and Mississippi Regions.

Nikole Blackman

Managed Care Liaison – Central Florida (East) Region
Nikole holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work obtained from the University of Central Florida. Nikole has worked in both skilled nursing and managed care field for nearly 10 years. Her experience includes business development, admissions, and case management. Prior to MCCFL, Nikole was a Director of Business Development for a large skilled nursing home provider in Florida. Nikole works with skilled nursing facilities in the Greater Orlando market.

Regina Wild, LPN

Managed Care Liaison – Southwest Florida Region
Regina has been in post-acute care for over 10 years. She has an extensive background in business development, admissions and managed care. Regina has worked in Skilled Nursing, ALF and Home Health, including a regional role in business development for a large skilled nursing organization in Florida. She is a graduate of Galen College of Nursing. Regina’s true passion lies in the collaboration and education of our partners in healthcare.

Mary Hirsch

Managed Care Liaison – Southeast Florida and South Carolina Regions
Mary has worked in the healthcare industry for over 12 years with experience in the skilled nursing setting as hospital liaison, admissions, and corporate admissions. Most recently Mary has served as Director of Managed Care, Contracting and Case Management for a Chicago based SNF company where her responsibilities included contracting with MCO’s as well as managing the Case Management department and working closely with the billing department to ensure that revenues were captured. Mary holds an MSW from Indiana University and has earned the CCM credential as a Certified Case Manager. Mary works with skilled nursing facilities in both the South Florida and South Carolina markets.

Tabitha Faulk, RN, BSN

Managed Care Liaison – Texas and Indiana Regions
Tabitha has been in the Texas Skilled Nursing field for over 19 years including but not limited to; Certified nursing assistant, Licensed Vocational Nurse, Hospice Nurse, Wound Care Nurse, Critical Care Unit Manager, Admissions Director, Facility Case Manager, and Regional Managed Care Case Manager for caseloads up to and greater than seventy patients. Ms. Faulk graduated with her Bachelor’s from Galen College of Nursing and received a two-year degree in Christian Leadership from Destiny Leaders Institute. She has the skillsets and utilization for motivational speaking and morale services for corporate meetings and conferences. Tabitha works with skilled nursing facilities in the Texas and Indiana markets.

Christopher Langebrake, PTA

Director of Case Management
Chris holds a Bachelor’s degree in Health Services Administration and is a licensed PTA in the state of Florida. He found his passion in and has worked for the SNF industry for 10 years. He has experience in a variety of positions including Director of Rehabilitation and Regional Case Manager. His experience has given him a unique perspective on Case Management from a Therapy point of view. Chris is responsible for Case Management oversight in the Central Florida Region.

Wendy Stone

Director of Client Support – Ocala Office
Wendy began working with MCCFL in 2017 and was new to the managed care industry. She is a graduate of Saint Leo University and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration- Marketing. Prior to joining MCCFL, Wendy worked in higher education in Admissions in the field of Health Sciences. As the Director of Client Support, Wendy is responsible for credentialing, contracting support, field staff support, MCCFL Portal management as well as provider relations.

Michelle Wolowitz

Office Manager – Ocala Office
Michelle is new to the healthcare industry. Prior to joining the MCCFL team, she worked in the banking industry for 22 years. As the office manager, her responsibilities will include, assisting in MCO contract applications, credentialing needs, maintenance of client records, bookkeeping, and clerical related duties. Michelle works in our main MCCFL location.

Nita Bolton

Claims Support Specialist – Ocala Office
Nita has worked in the healthcare industry for over 25 years. For the past six years, she has specialized in Managed Care. Nita has a vast experience in billing and collections. For those facilities who utilize our billing service, she is responsible for their managed care claims filing as well as documentation of revenue cycle processes and month end account receivable reports. She also provides administrative services to our other contracted skilled nursing facilities.

Kristin McCoy

Client Support Specialist – Ocala Office
Kristin is newer to the managed care industry. She holds a B.S. in Health Science with an emphasis in Community Health Education. Prior to joining the MCCFL team, she worked for 10 years as a medical disability adjudicator and hearing officer for the State of Florida. Kristin works in our main MCCFL office. Her responsibilities include credentialing, field staff support, MCCFL Portal management, and assisting with provider relations.