Experience has shown us that the most common client support needs are understanding the many nuances of managed care contracts; communications with Case Management during admission and continued stay processes; and claims filing or payment issues.  MCCFL has a team member available to help clients get solutions to these and other types of challenges.  Our knowledge, experience, and working relationships with a multitude of Health Plans are always available for our clients.

Onsite and Phone Support

MCCFL believes proper training of how managed care processes work is the key to effective management of managed care challenges.  Our Managed Care Liaisons provide onsite training for your team along with ongoing support.  They will work directly with your staff to ensure they fully understand your contracts; the terms and requirements; and how to operationalize them for your success.  We are only an email or call away for any questions that your Admissions, Business Office, Case Management, Social Work or Therapy Departments might have from time to time.

Client Web Portal

MCCFL offers its clients an online Client Portal to access contract information and tools at the click of a mouse.  Each individualized portal is designed with your unique needs in mind.  Copies of your contracts; a summary of level of care and per diem rates by Health Plan; links to Provider Handbooks; Health Plan contact information; claims filing instructions; and links to Health Plans and other vital resources are just some of the tools and features we make available.  We keep your portal updated; send out information updates and alerts; and continue to look for new ways to enhance the use of technology to support our clients.

Claims Filing Service and Collection Support

As a value-added service, MCCFL offers an electronic claims filing service for clients who want access to a consistent billing process with a professional filer who is most familiar with the challenges of receiving timely payment for services provided.   Outsourcing this portion of your operations to MCCFL can be a cost savings initiative.  Electronic Claims Filing can reduce your days outstanding through faster processing and turnaround times; and it could be especially helpful if you have a bookkeeper turnover affecting your cash flow.

MCCFL has extensive experience and relationships with Health Plan personnel to work through the obstacles holding up payment – saving your bookkeeper time and reducing the frustration of troubleshooting the claims.  Whether we file your claims for you or you do it yourself, we can provide the support you need to improve collection performance. Our staff can assist with claim reviews, denials, and appeals as well. We have your operational needs in mind, and we will endeavor with our available resources to get your claims processed and paid.